Forget Fall, ODOT already gearing up for winter

CLEVELAND -- District 4 of the Ohio Department of Transportation, which covers the northwest region, isn't wasting any time getting ready for winter.

Spokesman Justin Chesnic said they already have their plows checked, salt domes stocked and salt brine tanks full.

They like to get ready early because in the past they have been known to get plowable snow as early as October.

He said they've upgraded some of their technology by adding heat sensors to all the trucks and changing the color of the lights.

"Our snow plows used to be pretty much white and yellow, but we added that green and amber that's a little bit more powerful light, especially at night," explained Chesnic. "It helps the motorists driving around the area and lets them know a snow plow is out there. Those lights are very visible even in those white out snow events."

They've also added cameras with a driver's eye view to help monitor road conditions in real time.

He said this will enable them to make better decisions and be more efficient.

"Plus it will help our managers see how crew s are doing out there," he said.