Amherst Schools plan ‘Family First Night’ with no homework, school activities

AMHERST, Ohio – The Amherst Exempted Village School District is designating a night for students to have time to spend with family.

The district will designate November 14 as "Family First Night." Teachers across the district can't give homework assignments that night and no sports or other extracurricular activities will be scheduled.

“A lot of homes have two working parents, and children are involved in activities so much younger than when we were growing up and every night it seems like families are going not just in one direction, but sometimes in three or four directions,” said Powers Elementary School PTO President Sarah Kucbel, “What we were looking to do is give our families an opportunity and help them to find an opportunity to just take some time to spend together.”

Kucbel, who is leading the initiative, said she was looking for ways to help families spend more time together and saw that other local districts have similar days.

Amherst businesses are also planning to offer specials and discounts for families who want to spend the night out together.

“We were excited as building staff because we thought it was a great way to give families some more time together, and also it's a wonderful way to give support to our community,” said Powers Elementary School Principal Beth Schwartz. “As a mom myself, I know we sometimes get so busy doing the day to day routing that sometimes you just need that pause to go, ok, wait, we're a family. Let's sit down and eat dinner together and spend some time together.”

Another Family First Night is also being planned for March. Kucbel said additional dates may be added next year.

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