‘We want Baker to shut the graveyard down’. Local family adds Mayfield tombstone to Brown’s QB graveyard

NORTH RIDGEVILLE, Ohio – What’s the scariest Halloween decoration you can imagine? To a Cleveland sports fan the Browns' long list of disappointing quarterbacks may do the trick.

For five years during the month of October the Timoteo family has hosted the QB souls lost to the factory of sadness.

“Next thing you know, the Browns quarterback graveyard was born,” explains Tony Timoteo.

There are more than a dozen QB tombstones in the graveyard in the family’s front yard, starting from 1999.

But Sunday afternoon Timoteo added the latest tombstone to the yard, and it was different.

“We want Baker to shut the graveyard down, we can put a closed sign on and that’s it. So that’s what we are hoping for and that’s what we are praying for,” Timoteo said.

As soon as Baker Mayfield, the Browns’ rookie-first-round star began his first play of the game, Timoteo placed the fake headstone in the ground.

Friends and family came out to a graveyard watch party in honor of Baker. Timoteo and his wife, Jill, say they don’t mean the graveyard to be negative, it’s meant to be a joke.

“Certain people that don’t get the joke give us a bad rap they think our whole quarterback display is negative but in reality my wife and I are the biggest Browns fans of all time and we actually want the graveyard to close,” he said.

“It was sad to put it in because like I hope at some point this is all done and we have a winning quarterback and there is no end date to his start,” said Jill Timoteo.

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