Hugs and thank you’s for the ‘Angel of Tremont’ as she retires

CLEVELAND - Sister Corita Ambro received hugs and well-wishes as she retired on Sunday, after spending 48 years feeding millions of meals to the homeless in Tremont at St. Augustine's Catholic Church.

The meals program she started will continue, but Sister Corita says some of the homeless have expressed concern that she won't be there every day.

"I keep telling them, 'I'll be around if you need me,'" she said.

Now at 83-years-old, Sister Corita said the physical toll of working ten to twelve hours a day, seven days a week, had finally started to catch up to her.

She has gone to an occasional conference, but has never taken an actual vacation, saying she never needed one. For relaxation she watches Indians and Browns games.

In addition to the meals program, Sister Corita raised 35 children - mostly teens from troubled homes. Two of them worked with her as adults at St. Augustine's.

In retirement, Sister Corita said she hopes to "grow spiritually" and to visit people in nursing homes who don't usually get visitors.