VIDEO: Citizens help police after crash killed woman on scooter

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CLEVELAND -- The FOX 8 I-TEAM has obtained exclusive police video showing how citizens helped officers track down a suspect immediately after a driver killed a woman on a scooter in downtown Cleveland. And, the video also puts a spotlight on a dangerous trend on your roads.

The crash happened last month, killing Jenasia Summers, and the video has just been released to the I-TEAM.

Body camera video shows police scrambling to the scene and trying to sort out what had just happened.

An officer can be heard asking, "Who saw what happened? You see what happened?' And, "Which way was that car going? This way?"

Quickly witnesses, stepped forward. One said, "Car was coming through here, popped her from behind. Her cell phone's laying right here on the ground."

And then a woman spoke up with more information and photos. She showed police her photos that included a red car.

Just up the street, police found a red car with a smashed front end and a driver passed out behind the wheel.

An officer tried to wake him up, then another emergency worker on scene checked out the driver and said, “We got a heroin overdose here.”

Eventually, paramedics revived 19-year-old Scott McHugh, Jr. Police found, in fact, he had overdosed on heroin.

In northeast Ohio there are skyrocketing numbers of people driving while under the influence of drugs. The I-TEAM found the state patrol catching so many drivers high behind the wheel on local roads last year, the number arrested more than tripled.

The video also shows McHugh leaving the hospital and headed to jail, and he asks, “Would I be able to smoke a cigarette before we go, or no?"

A police report shows McHugh “admitted to snorting heroin” with a friend shortly before the crash. And, he said he “does not remember anything until he woke up in the ambulance.”

McHugh is pleading not guilty to the charges against him, and records show him held in jail as his case moves through court.

As police rolled up to the scene, one could be heard saying, “Oh my God, dude. This does not look good..."

Chances are this won’t be the last crash like it tied to a driver high on drugs.

Continuing coverage.

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