Cleveland Rape Crisis Center receives increase in calls after Ford, Kavanaugh testimonies

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CLEVELAND -- As the country watched Dr. Christine Blasey Ford tell her story Thursday morning, counselors at the Cleveland Rape Crisis Center stood by ready to offer resources to rape and sexual assault survivors.

“We are hearing from a lot of survivors who are triggered not only by what they are seeing and hearing in the media, but by what their friends and family have to say about that,” said President and CEO Sondra Miller.

According to Miller, the center had twice as many calls Wednesday as the daily average in 2017.

“Survivors have all sorts of reactions to what is going on. One of the reactions is that if there is something about the hearing reminds them of their own situation. It can be very triggering to see something hear something smell something that reminds them of their own assault,” said Miller.

In fact, The National Sexual Assault Hotline saw a 147% increase above normal volume Thursday, according to the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network.

Miller said many survivors are finding strength in Dr. Ford’s testimony.

The center added, if you are scared or suffering, you are not alone. There are people who can help and who will listen.

For support or a listening ear, text or call (216) 619-6192 or (440) 423-2020 or chat at .

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