Firefighters rescue residents hanging out of windows in Richmond Heights apartment fire

RICHMOND HEIGHTS, Ohio -- Firefighters and some civilians rescued building occupants during an apartment fire that left one dead, five injured and displaced residents from their homes.

Cell phone video shows Richmond Heights firefighters rescuing a teenage boy from a fourth story apartment window as flames and smoke filled hallways of the Loganberry Apartment building on Whiteway Drive.

The fire started in a third story elevator shaft, however the cause is not known at this time.

Six people were injured including a man who died from his injuries.

"Firefighters discovered the individual as they moved toward the third floor and unfortunately their efforts to resuscitate him were unsuccessful," said Richmond Heights Fire Chief Marc Neumann.

Loganberry Apartment resident Nicholas Patton was sleeping when he smelled smoke Friday.

He said he rushed to wake up his mother and helped her through thick smoke to get outside.

Patton said he and a police officer went back in and helped a boy to safety.

"As we were coming down the stairs, a police officer was coming up. I made sure my mother was safe. We ran back up, and me and the police officer got back upstairs, and we found another kid and came back down with him," Patton said.

Richmond Heights firefighters used ground and truck ladders to rescue ten people hanging out of third story apartment windows.

If not for their rescue efforts officials said their could have been more fatalities.

"Firefighters were working very hard. It's something that you train for early in your career and you continuously train for it and hope you never have to perform that type of rescue," Neumann said.

Eight of the apartment units are so heavily damaged inside that residents can not live there.

The Red Cross is helping some of the displaced residents. The other residents have found places to stay.

Neumann said that more lives were probably saved because the building had working smoke detectors, alarms and fire walls.

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