Westlake police: Wife reports husband is driving drunk with young daughter in the car

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WESTLAKE, Ohio -- A Westlake father is facing charges after police say his wife called to report he was driving around drunk with his seven-year-old daughter in the car.

Dash cam video shows Westlake police responding to the call on September 14.

“She said he was driving home to the house and officers found him driving that way. When they talked to him, they smelled alcohol and he was slurring his speech and appeared intoxicated,” said Capt. Gerald Vogel.

Video shows the driver fail one field sobriety test and when asked if he wanted to do a second one, he replied, “Why? Why would I continue?”

Police arrested 49-year-old David Grudzien for OVI and child endangering.

Police say he submitted a breath test and was found to be over 2 ½ times the legal limit.

As for the little girl, police say her mother came and picked her up from the scene.

“There were kids on the street, school buses riding them home. The man’s teenage son apparently jumped out of the van because his father had been drinking. It was a very dangerous situation,” said Capt. Vogel.

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