‘Possum guy’ talks about video that went viral during Browns’ big win

CLEVELAND- Two strange things happened at FirstEnergy Stadium Thursday night: The Browns won, and a brave fan captured a possum that was on the loose in the stands.

Greg Pleasant said it looked like the possum was heading for the field and he knew someone had to do something before the animal got hurt, so he Googled "how to capture a possum."

"So you look on YouTube, the first way to grab a possum is by the tail, and that's all you have to do: Grab it by the tail. It can't attack you; you have complete control of it."

Greg became an internet sensation after the video was shared on social media.

"Never expected it. I'm not a social media guy, crazy. By the first quarter, everybody in my section notified me that I was going viral on the internet. Halftime, went to get a soda and I was being stopped and asked for pictures, because they call me the possum guy(LAUGHS)."

**More on the rally possum, here**

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