We’ll have to wait for Browns starting quarterback decision

BEREA, Ohio– Cleveland Browns head coach Hue Jackson spoke to members of the media on a conference call Friday afternoon.

The Browns 21-17 win Thursday night against the Jets is only Jackson’s second W as head coach. The last victory was a Christmas Eve miracle in 2016.

Rookie quarterback Baker Mayfield took over for the injured Tyrod Taylor and led the Browns to four scoring drives. Jackson said since the team is off this weekend, he’s saving any announcement about the starting QB for Monday.

“I am going to take my time because I know that I have some time. I will get an opportunity to meet with them here Monday morning and kind of go from there,” Jackson said.

The head coach said Mayfield made tremendous throws and was able to get the ball into playmakers’ hands to demonstrate his hard work and studying has paid off.

“There are some things that he has to clean up obviously. We can’t have the ball out on the ground. There are some progression things that we will work through. Overall for his first game out under the lights in that environment in that situation, he handled all of that extremely well and played well.”

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Jen Steer September 21, 20182:01 pm

Hue Jackson: “I want to take a moment to thank our fans… Hopefully, everyone went to work this morning feeling better about their Browns.”

Jen Steer September 21, 20182:01 pm

Jackson also thanked the Browns organization, from the sales and marketing department. Says there were a lot of happy people in the building in Berea.

Jen Steer September 21, 20182:02 pm

When asked about the starting quarterback situation, Hue says “I think until I’m able to talk to the players will I officially say where I am with that.”

Jen Steer September 21, 20182:02 pm

The players have the weekend off.

Jen Steer September 21, 20182:03 pm

More news on QB could come Monday once Jackson talks with players. 

Jen Steer September 21, 20182:04 pm

“He made some tremendous throws,” Jackson says. Applauds Baker Mayfield’s ability to get the football into the playermakers’ hands. “I thought overall for his first game out under the lights, he handled all that extremely well.”

Jen Steer September 21, 20182:05 pm

Hue Jackson on Tyrod Taylor’s concussions: “We’ll see what’s best for him.”

Jen Steer September 21, 20182:06 pm

Jackson says about Baker: “He’s doing the extra studying, he’s really engaged in the offense.”

Jen Steer September 21, 20182:08 pm

Jackson on Mayfield not practicing much with the starters. “It is impressive what he did last night. It was a short week, not a lot of practice time and he looked like he took all the reps.”

Jen Steer September 21, 20182:10 pm

Jackson says the quarterbacks are ready every week and having 10 days before the next game helps. On Monday, they will tell the team who the starter is and everyone will know where they’re going and be excited.

Jen Steer September 21, 20182:11 pm

Jackson says he always thinks about the temperature of the locker room when he makes a decision, but he also talked about preparing the players for those types of decisions when they happen.

Jen Steer September 21, 20182:12 pm

Jackson was asked about younger players and the weekend off, if they have to keep a tigher lease on some of the guys. “They’re grown men.” He says they need to know what the guys are doing and what they plan to do.

Jen Steer September 21, 20182:13 pm

“The narrative is starting to change.”

Jen Steer September 21, 20182:15 pm

Jackson: “What’s most important is that these players be the best versions of themselves… All those guys have portrayed what we’re looking for.”