Community rallies for justice of 94-year-old killed in home invasion at Wednesday night vigil

CLEVELAND -- The community came together Wednesday night to remember a 94-year-old woman killed in a home invasion and to fight for justice for her murder.

Around 1:45 a.m. Monday, 94-year old Eusebia Garcia and her 74-year-old daughter Marina Garcia were brutally attacked when a man broke into their home on Gertrude Avenue in Cleveland's Slavic Village.

Both women were taken to the hospital, where Eusebia was pronounced dead. Her daughter remains in the hospital.

Wednesday night, Peace in the Hood, the Task Force for Community Mobilization, Eusebia's family and friends, concerned neighbors, and other local organization held a vigil to remember her, as well as rallied for justice for her murder.

"We don't have the words to comfort her at this point, to give her the will to live, all we can do is get on our knees and pray around her," said Ayala.

Eusebia Garcia was a mother of six, grandmother to 25, great-grandmother to 20 and a great, great grandmother to one.

"She walked strong and tall to the hospital where I had just given birth and she prayed over my life and blessed my life and blessed my son's life," said great granddaughter Daniella Seguin.

"It's so sad to think that she survived 94 years in Honduras and come to the United States of America and this tragedy happened," Nohemi said.

The community is demanding that the killer to turn himself in and they ask for prayers for the Garcia family.

"Please say your prayers for my mother because this is a long road ahead of us," Nohemi said.

Cleveland police say the suspect entered the home through a window and stole several items.

He is only described as a tall, skinny black male, about 25 years old. He has not yet been caught and police are still investigating.

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