Intense search continues for federal fugitive accused of threatening President Trump

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MANSFIELD, Ohio-- The intense search for federal fugitive Shawn Christy continues for a fourth day near Mansfield.

The U.S. Marshals Service, working alongside local state and federal authorities, continue to say they believe Christy remains in the area where he supposedly crashed a stolen truck from Pennsylvania over the weekend.

Christy is wanted for making threats against law enforcement officers and President Donald Trump. He is also wanted in Pennsylvania on outstanding warrants for burglary, probation violation and failing to appear for an aggravated assault case.

The search effort was joined on Wednesday by officers from the U.S. Border Patrol on the ground and in a helicopter as investigators continue to follow leads that have taken them to neighborhoods in the Mansfield area as well as Jeromesville and Lexington.

Reports from Pennsylvania alerting residents that the Pennsylvania State Police had a credible sighting or Christy near a mall in Hazleton PA. on Tuesday were being downplayed by the Marshal Service, although Pennsylvania State Police tell Fox 8 News that they are "certainly involved in the search for him here in Pennsylvania."

While the search for Christy near Mansfield continues authorities say that, in fact, their attempt to apprehend him as continued for about three months.

"We actually have the lead agents in this case in town and unfortunately for them, they have been going through this roller coaster of emotions.  "Every time they get close to him, he gets away. Right now we feel we are as close to him as we have been in the 90 days and the emotions that are involved... You know everybody wants this to end peacefully," said Deputy U.S. Marshal Brian Fitzgibbon.

Also helping with the search are deputies from Allegheny County Pennsylvania, who have been sworn in as temporary Deputy U.S. Marshals. The deputies were sworn in because normally they wouldn't have law enforcement jurisdiction in the State of Ohio.

Investigators continue to ask residents to phone in any tips or possible sightings saying they are all taken seriously.

They also continue to believe that Christy could become more desperate as time passes.

"I've been chasing fugitives for sixteen years in my career. Any time any fugitive is on the run it is a danger for people around them, especially when they are breaking into homes and stealing items, who wants to have their wife or son or daughter come home to a man in their house," said Fitzgibbon.

The U.S. Marshals Service continues to urge people living in the areas where they are searching to lock their homes, their cars and to secure out-buildings, to give Christy less of an opportunity to hide or to steal another vehicle to get away.  Fitzgibbon says unless proven otherwise, every break-in in the area is believed to be the work of Christy.

A massive search was conducted on Tuesday in the wooded area around the residence of Jamie Taylor who told Fox 8 News that he received an alert from his alarm company while he was at work late Monday that someone was trying to break into his house through a bedroom window.

On social media, Christy continues to have supporters who sympathize with him and are encouraging him as he eludes capture.

Fitzgibbon on Wednesday was also cautioning anyone who might offer him support or shelter that the FBI is monitoring those same pages and that there are serious criminal consequences for helping a federal fugitive evade capture.

Also on Wednesday, Lucas and Madison local schools, which have been closed for security reasons for the past two days, were back in session despite the fact that nothing has really changed with respect to the search for Christy.

Lucas Superintendent Brad Herman tells Fox 8 News that the school is operating on what he described as a "soft lockdown" but that it is time for the kids to get back to classes.

"As things have developed we have been working with local law enforcement and we are back in school today and with some assistance from them to provide some extra presence around. We have  good safety and security plans in place and our staff trained on that and just recently as we started the school year received some additional safety type training," said Herman

"For the most part things are starting to return to a little bit more normal state but at the same time just taking those extra few steps to make sure we are doing everything we can for student safety," said Herman, who added the entire community will be a little more at ease when Christy is in custody.

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