Worker checking foul odor finds body under church steps on Cleveland’s east side

CLEVELAND-- A woman was found dead at a church on Cleveland's east side and now police are on the hunt for her killer.

Victor Mullenax, the maintenance worker at Broadway Christian Church on Engel Avenue, found the victim's body just before 8 p.m. Monday. The pastor called him to locate the source of a foul odor, smelled by neighbors for the past several days.

"I had assumed I was going to go there and find a dead animal," Mullenax said. "So I look around, looking for the smell and was about to give up and I seen some garbage sticking out from set of old steps."

Underneath the steps, he noticed a female's foot hanging out from a garbage bag.

Victor said Cleveland police found bloodied garden tools, including a shovel used by one of the church elders who tends to a vegetable garden.

Residents who live nearby are shocked and now scared, knowing a killer could be lurking in the neighborhood.

"I hope not. Maybe, if she's the only one been found we have a chance,” said Valerie Herd.

Crime scene tape now marks the location where the woman’s body was found.

"It's amazing to think that as bad as the body was beat up, that someone was that angry," Mullenax said.

The Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner's Office currently working to determine the woman's identity and the cause of death.

Cleveland police have yet to identify a suspect or make any arrests.