Someone stole a girl’s unicorn. Now she’s taking action to try and get it back

LAKEWOOD, Ohio- One Lakewood neighborhood is keeping a lookout for a cherished mystical creature that vanished without a proper goodbye from one child's front yard.

"Am I ever going to see that unicorn face to face again?" asked 8th grade student Julia Kompier.

Kompier is doing more than simply making pleas for help; she rolled up her sleeves and made a sign for her yard that reads, "bring back our unicorn."

So far no luck since it went missing Friday afternoon -- a fact that is leaving some neighbors troubled.

"I walk by every day and I don't know why someone would steal something out of someone's front yard, let alone this," said neighbor Leana Donofrio-Milovin. "It's really cruel. Why would you do that? I mean, that's silly. I don't know why anyone would take that out of anyone's front yard."

Kompier says the unicorn lawn decoration was a Christmas gift. Her mother explains she was distraught when it was discovered missing last week.

"It was kind of big and it lit up and it was a part of our family," explained Betsy Voinovich, Kompier's mother. "She was in tears; I mean, she's a big girl but it was special to her."

Until the unicorn is safely returned, Kompier asks for the community to keep an extra eye out for a unicorn she hopes will make it back home.

"They don't sell those anymore, and I've looked it up, even right after and the only one I could find is 75 dollars and I don't have the money," said Kompier. "...I just want to know why, and please bring it back. To go and take someone's unicorn, like, I know they probably have no remorse but I just want them to give it back and I want to know their reasoning for taking it."