Protesters march on downtown Dallas, demanding ‘transparent investigation’ for man killed by off-duty officer

DALLAS — Protestors are rallying in downtown Dallas, demanding justice for Botham Jean who was shot by a police officer inside his own apartment.

Jean was shot last week after an off-duty police officer, Amber Guyger, walked into an apartment she thought was her own and fired her weapon at the man inside. Guyger was charged with manslaughter in the shooting and remains on administrative leave from the Dallas Police Department.

According to KXAS, Friday night’s march was organized by the Next Generation Action Network advocacy group.

This march reportedly comes after Jean’s family’s lawyers accused Dallas officials of attempting to “assassinate Jean’s character.”

The group was reportedly furious that police sought a warrant to search Jean’s apartment. Police discovered marijuana during their search, KXAS said.

According to KXAS, Jean’s family’s lawyers said at a news conference earlier Friday that “there was no reason for authorities to issue the search warrant specifically searching for marijuana unless they were trying to sully the victim.”

The Next Generation Action Network advocacy group will reportedly continue to rally and protest Dallas police headquarters as they “demand justice and a thorough and transparent investigation.”

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