More volunteers from NE Ohio deployed to help with Hurricane Florence efforts

OHIO -- More volunteers from the American Red Cross in Cleveland are being deployed to help with Hurricane Florence efforts.

Jim McIntyre, American Red Cross NE Ohio Region spokesperson, said Friday morning one truck was to leave from Cleveland, two from Akron and one from Canton.

There will be eight volunteers total. The volunteers will head to Macon, Ga., where they will wait for further instructions and will be gone for at least two weeks unless needed for a longer period of time.

"These vehicles leave basically because we want to load them when we get to the point of operation," he said. "They do have...empty food containers. They will load the with hot meals when they get there to help people in the shelters.”

As for the 18 Red Cross volunteers who already deployed from NE Ohio, they were all told to stay and shelter in place until the storm passes.

Hurricane Florence made landfall in North Carolina early Friday.


The powerful storm already has inundated coastal streets with ocean water and left tens of thousands without power, and forecasters say that “catastrophic” freshwater flooding is expected along waterways far from the coast of the Carolinas.

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