Community remembers 8-year-old killed in driveway crash with candlelight vigil

BROOK PARK, Ohio --  There was a sea of teal outside Brook Park Memorial School Wednesday as the community gathered in a show of support for the family of 8-year-old Khloe Mae Nida.

“I think it’s important the community showing all the support for the Nida family, we’ve known them for many years,” said Judy Kostos, of Brook Park.

Nida died after she was hit by a car in her own driveway over the weekend.

Police say a 77-year-old woman left a church parking lot Saturday night, crossed Engle Road, and hit her as she was playing outside.

Nida was in the third grade.

“Every time she would walk into the class room, she would have a really big smile on her face. She was always happy,” said Andrew Check, classmate.

Hundreds of people walked with Nida’s family from the school to the Brook Park Gazebo for a candlelight vigil.

There, Nida’s teacher, her friends, and her family all had a chance to speak.

“As far as Khloe goes, she was the best little girl dad could ever ask for, doing her homework , we never had to ask. She would just come home and do it. Reading books, she loved it. I just let her be her, and look at what happened,” said Mitchell Nida, Nida's father.

Funeral services will be held Thursday at 8:00 p.m. at Abram Creek Baptist Church in Brook Park.

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