People travel to northeast Ohio in effort to escape Hurricane Florence

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CLEVELAND -- Some of the people escaping the potential wrath of Hurricane Florence are finding shelter here in Northeast Ohio. They are heeding the warnings to get out of the Carolinas before the storm hits.

"With a hurricane, you have plenty of warning, but it's like 'should I go or should I stay' and you're never sure, but when they said mandatory evacuation, I thought it's time to get out," said Lynn Morgan.

Northeast Ohio native Lynn Morgan has lived in Charleston, South Carolina for the past five years. She says in that time, she has experienced tropical storms, but never a powerful hurricane.

"They said this one's supposed to be pretty bad. I have big, huge pine trees in my yard and a one story house with a lot of windows, so I'm really worried what I'm gonna find when I get home," Morgan said.

Morgan is one of several people who arrived at Cleveland Hopkins Airport on a flight from Charlotte late Wednesday afternoon, trying to get out of the path of Hurricane Florence.

Laura Klimas and her dog Charlie were originally coming home Friday from Jacksonville, Florida, with a layover in Charlotte.

"I came back two days early because I figured they'd be closing the airport and we received a message from American Airlines, saying that the travel could very well be interrupted, so I chose to come back early rather than deal with, you know, getting stuck at the airport or something like that," Klimas said.

"Today was my day to come home, I'm so glad it wasn't Friday 'cause I don't know if I'd have gotten out of town," said Beverly Stasko.

Glenda Dougherty, also on the flight, was scheduled to come to Northeast Ohio for a wedding in a few weeks, but the storm altered her plans.

"The storm sort of made me run a little faster, I live there in Charlotte and things are not going to be too good," said Dougherty.

"I've been watching the weather and they've been saying about the evacuation and she's like family and I didn't want her stuck in that," said Morton.

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