Canal Fulton school resource officer signs autographs for students

CANAL FULTON, Ohio– A Canal Fulton school resource officer signed autographs for a few of his biggest fans and it prompted a message from the city’s police chief.

School Resource Officer Rob Stetka is a military veteran. Recently, he signed autographs for students in the area.

“The fact that kids still look up to and respect police officers and holding them as heroes, is truly great to see. After this interaction, this officer may have to go SACRIFICE his life in the performance of his duties as hundreds of officers have tragically done year after year leaving families broken, fatherless or motherless,” said Chief Douglas Swartz in a Facebook post.

The chief also referenced Nike, which has been criticized for a recent campaign featuring former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

“I am merely pointing out that it’s great to see that police officers are still regarded, in some fashion, as worthy of an autograph to a young person’s soul without having all the celebrity status that pro athletes enjoy,” Swartz said.

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