Avon police announce free home drug testing program for teens

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AVON, Ohio — Avon Police Department’s new partnership provides free at home drug-test kits to parents so they can help their children remain drug free.

According to the city, the Avon Police Department participates in the ‘Test My Teen’ program. ‘TestMyTeen.com’ donated free home drug test kit vouchers to be shared anonymously with parents who need them.

The city said, “concerned, involved parents are the strongest deterrent kids have for staying off drugs. This drug-prevention program is designed to keep parents in touch with what is really going on with their teens and give teens a way to stop peer pressure dead in its tracks when friends urge them to experiment with drugs and alcohol.”

Avon police said in a release,  “for years, police have been the first to know and parents the last to know when local kids used drugs.  With this program, we can work with parents and turn this thing around.”

According to police, the program creates an effective partnership in fighting drug use among teens because it provides families with an effective tool to fight against drug experimentation and use.

Parents can download a voucher for the free drug kit test and place an order online here.  Once the order is placed, ‘Test My Teen’ will ship the product to your home where the parent can administer the test.

According to their website, Test My Teen limits one kit per family.

The city said that parents are the number one reason that teenagers don’t use drugs and “with this tool, teens can resist the peer pressure urging them to experiment with illegal substances. ‘No thanks, my parents test me’ is a great way for kids to avoid problems.”

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