Florida couple arrested for selling drugs out of make-shift drive-thru window

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OCALA, Fla. — A Florida couple was arrested for allegedly selling drugs out of their mobile home through a make-shift drive-thru window.

According to WFTV, four overdoses led the police to raid William Parrish Jr. and McKenzee Dobbs’ mobile home on August 23.

The home reportedly had signs indicating when it was open or closed for business, as well as signs directing motorists where to drive.

Police told WFTV that the couple had transformed a kitchen window into a make-shift drive-thru so they didn’t draw attention to the house by having customers regularly entering and exiting.

“We were seeing some overdose incidents that were happening in this particular area, specifically at this particular location,” Ocala police Capt. Steven Cuppy told WFTV, “There (were) some heroin sales that were going on there. Subsequently, through the investigation, we were able to determine that product was laced with fentanyl.”

Parrish and Dobbs were arrested on multiple charges including drug possession, selling drugs, and keeping or maintaining a dwelling used to keep or sell drugs.

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