Yours Truly Restaurant’s video sheds news light on customer’s harassment claim

CHAGRIN FALLS, Ohio-- A complaint about soggy waffles at Yours Truly Restaurant in Chagrin Falls quickly spiraled into serious claims of misconduct by a customer, who says the owner harassed her for sending back food.

"He had his hand here and I said 'Please don't touch me,'" Latia Phillips-Bey illustrated by touching her arm. "Remove your hand from my arm, which he did, but then he got in my face, acting extremely aggressive."

According to a Chagrin Falls police report, the incident happened just past 4 p.m. Saturday.

On Monday, the restaurant president released surveillance video of the incident in question and apologized on behalf of her team to Phillips-Bey for the unsatisfactory food experience.

"We took the allegation very seriously that she was disrespected in any way," said Dixie Singer, president of Yours Truly. "So we reviewed the video footage. There is absolutely nothing improper or inappropriate from any employee at Yours Truly, and really the video speaks for itself."

Singer said staff tried to correct the problems with her order, but were unsuccessful in providing a solution that Phillips-Bey deemed acceptable.

"He was yelling, 'Just take it out of your bill and get out of my restaurant. You're not a good fit,'" said Phillips-Bey.

The video released by Yours Truly Restaurants does not have audio. Chagrin Falls police said they are in the early stages of their investigation.

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