Jacksonville Sheriff: 3 dead including gunman in Florida shooting, suspect identified

JACKSONVILLE, FL - According to the  Jacksonville sheriff, 3 people, including the gunman, were killed in a mass shooting during a video game tournament at a shopping and dining complex in downtown Jacksonville, Florida, on Sunday afternoon.

The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office said during a press conference Sunday evening that they received calls at 1:34 p.m. for shots fired in a Chicago Pizza restaurant within the Jacksonville Landing complex. They say officials were on scene 2 minutes later.

The shooting occurred during a qualifying event for the Madden 19 Tournament at the GLHF Game Bar, according to the Twitter of CompLexity Gaming, one of the gaming teams. Sounds of the shooting were captured as the gaming tournament was being livestreamed. After the shots, the game abruptly stopped. The stream did not show the shooting.

The suspect, later identified as 24-year-old David Katz from Baltimore, reportedly used a handgun to commit his act. Katz was in town for the competition, however, officials say his motive is reportedly unknown and under investigation.

According to authorities, Katz took his own life during the incident.

Officials say they have Katz's vehicle in custody and will be continuing their investigation.

The sheriff says there were a total of 14 victims - 3 deceased on scene, including the suspect, 9 with gunshot wounds, and 2 who sustained injuries after fleeing the scene.  He says these numbers could change when they learn of any victims who may have transported themselves to the hospital.

Authorities say they are still in the process of identifying victims and contacting families.  It is currently unknown if Katz had any relation to the victims.

Jacksonville Mayor Lenny Curry said that the sheriff's office is working with local, state and federal agencies on this investigation.

Curry said that many witnesses have spoken to authorities but urged anyone with additional information to reach out to the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office.

Officials say the FBI and The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) in Baltimore are assisting the sheriff's office with their investigation.

The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office says any additional information will be released via their Twitter account.

Officials at UF Health Jacksonville said Sunday afternoon that they were treating at least six patients that were involved in the gaming shooting incident. Five of those patients were reportedly in stable condition, and one needed additional care, according to a UF trauma surgeon.

According to hospital officials, the victims ranged in age from 20 to 35 years old. The victim in serious condition had multiple gunshot wounds to the chest, and doctors were monitoring this patient's heart.

President Donald Trump has been briefed on the situation, White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said, and federal law enforcement officials are monitoring the situation.

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Video of the Sunday afternoon press conference with the sheriff's office and  hospital officials here:

Natasha Anderson August 26, 20184:32 pm

Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office: Mayor & Sheriff will have more info. in a few hours

Natasha Anderson August 26, 20184:32 pm

Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office: The Landing is cleared

Natasha Anderson August 26, 20184:33 pm

Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office: One suspect, deceased. Suspect’s identity to yet known.  No outstanding suspects.  

Natasha Anderson August 26, 20184:34 pm

Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office: People are encouraged to share any video/evidence with police.  People should not come to the area.

Natasha Anderson August 26, 20184:34 pm

Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office: Many victims injured, hospitalized, some deceased.  Numbers not available yet.

Natasha Anderson August 26, 20184:35 pm

Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office: Scene is secure. They will follow up in a few hours.  Any updates will be provided via Twitter @jsopio 

Natasha Anderson August 26, 20184:36 pm

UF Health Jacksonville: Some people hit in torso, chest. Some with ankle, wrist injuries.  Different types of injuries.

Natasha Anderson August 26, 20184:39 pm

UF Health Jacksonville: Only level 1 AC verified trauma center in the area so “we are prepared for this 24-7.”
6 in UF Health Jacksonville right now. 5 people stable. 1 person will stay for surgery — gunshot wounds to the chest.
Age range of victims 20-35.

We send our condolences since we know were are lives lost. We send our support to other hospitals who are treating other victims.

Natasha Anderson August 26, 20184:40 pm

UF Health Jacksonville: Most victims in stable condition withstood multiple gunshot wounds. At least 3 patients were shot once, at least 2 were shot more than once. Some patients are from out of state.

Natasha Anderson August 26, 20184:41 pm

UF Health Jacksonville: The patient that is not in stable condition requires more care. As of right now they do not expect he will have any life-threatening conditions.

Natasha Anderson August 26, 20184:42 pm

UF Health Jacksonville: Victims in stable condition are speaking with investigators.  Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office is on scene.

Natasha Anderson August 26, 20184:43 pm

Trauma Surgeon: You are prepared for this kind of thing, part of our training is to prepare for mass casualty situations.

Natasha Anderson August 26, 20184:44 pm

Trauma Surgeon: I could not be prouder of my team who came together and we got everything done in 30 minutes … It was fantastic group effort.

Natasha Anderson August 26, 20184:45 pm

Trauma Surgeon: A system of partner hospitals. A level 1 trauma hospital took the lead and got patients where they needed to go to receive care.

Natasha Anderson August 26, 20184:46 pm

Trauma Surgeon: Each of the injuries had the potential for life. People were hit in the chest, hit in the belly. It was luck, a miracle.
The individual in serious condition needs additional monitoring.

Natasha Anderson August 26, 20184:47 pm

Trauma Surgeon: All the patients are alert and able to talk to investigators at this time.  Depending on orthopedic observation and need for observation, some people may get to go home tonight.
Total: 3 patients with single gun shot wounds, 3 with multiple gun shot wounds. 5 in stable condition, 1 in serious condition.

Natasha Anderson August 26, 20187:27 pm

Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office: Prayers go out to these families. 

Natasha Anderson August 26, 20187:27 pm

Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office: Around 1:34pm 911 calls for shot at Chicago Pizza in Landing.  2 minutes later officers arrived to scene.

Natasha Anderson August 26, 20187:28 pm

Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office: 3 deceased victims on scene, 1 was the suspect who took his own life.
14 total vicitms – 9 with gun shot wounds, 2 with other injuries after fleeing the scene.  These numbers may change when we learn of more victims.

Natasha Anderson August 26, 20187:29 pm

Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office: Suspect is believed to be a 24-year-old from Baltimore.  He used at least 1 handgun to committ this act.  His car has been located and is under investigation.
Motive is unknown at this time.

Natasha Anderson August 26, 20187:31 pm

Jacksonville Mayor: Jacksonville is moruning.  We have faced an occurance that is all too common. 

Natasha Anderson August 26, 20187:31 pm

Jacksonville Mayor: Tonight, we pray for the wounded and the families of those who were lost.

Natasha Anderson August 26, 20187:31 pm

Jacksonville Mayor: Sheriff’s office is working with local, state, and federal officials on this investigation.

Natasha Anderson August 26, 20187:32 pm

Jacksonville Mayor: Many witnesses have spoken to authorities, if there are any others will information please reach out to the Sheriff’s Office.

Natasha Anderson August 26, 20187:32 pm

Jacksonville Mayor: “Pray for Jacksonville.”

Natasha Anderson August 26, 20187:33 pm

FBI: Assisting the Sheriff’s Office on the investigation to any leads in or out of Jacksonville. Baltimore FBI is assisting as well.

Natasha Anderson August 26, 20187:34 pm

Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office: We will be releasing more information about potetnial street, business closures tonight.

Natasha Anderson August 26, 20187:35 pm

Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office: The suspect was here for the comptetition. It is unknown if he had any relation to the victims.  Victims are still being IDed.

Natasha Anderson August 26, 20187:37 pm

Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office: 3 fatalities, 9 injuries from gun shot wounds, 2 injured fleeing restaurant. 1 fatality was the suspect.  There is only 1 suspect. No other suspects are in custody.  We are in the process of identifying victims, contacting families.

Natasha Anderson August 26, 20187:37 pm

Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office: There is cooperation in Baltimore with ATF and the FBI.

Natasha Anderson August 26, 20187:38 pm

Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office: Only one firearm was used in the investigation.  Suspect is deceased, shot himself, identified as David Katz, 24.

Natasha Anderson August 26, 20187:39 pm

Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office: Any additional information will be provided via Twitter.