What are the chances? Lightning hits three Avon Lake buildings in one night

AVON LAKE, Ohio - Areas of three different buildings were hit by separate lightning strikes during a storm in Avon Lake.

The storm blew through the area on the evening of Tuesday, August 21.

The first strike happened at 8 p.m. when lightning hit the courtyard of a nursing facility on Community Drive. The facility's alarm system was damaged from the strike.

The next strike occurred at 8:03 p.m. on Rebecca Lane. Lightning hit the backyard of a single family home, dislodging the gas range's gas line. A piece of an electrical conduit on the outside of the home was damaged as well.

At 8:10 p.m., a home on Spinnaker was struck by lightning as well. This strike resulted in damage to a concrete walkway as well as a chunk being blown out of one side of the home. A power outlet on a rear exterior wall was damaged, and a second floor bathroom mirror was also damaged.

The Avon Like Fire Department tells Fox 8 that no fires were started by any of the strikes and that no one was injured in any of the calls.