I-TEAM: Cleveland officer says some of his officers are harassing him, feels unsafe

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CLEVELAND - The Fox 8 I-Team has uncovered an internal investigation into the alleged harassment of a local police officer, who says his fellow officers are harassing him to the point he doesn’t feel safe.

Patrol Officer Kevin Jones filed a written complaint last week citing a hostile work environment. The I-Team obtained a copy of that complaint Tuesday.

“I truly don’t feel safe anymore, not really sure of others here at the Cleveland Division of Police,” the complaint dated August 18, 2018 states, “Because of what’s been going on around me. All this negative drama I believe has created possibly some psychological harm. I just want all the harassment to stop, make officers responsible for their actions in the workplace.”

Jones, who is assigned to the city’s Fourth District Police Headquarters, states in the complaint , the harassment happened when he was off work on restricted duty and when he returned to work. He states he has found several pictures drawn on the walls at the district, of a male body part with his name on them.

“When I was out on hazardous duty illness I was made aware by Sergeant Vincent Montague that there were pictures being posted up around the district of me and that he was going to go up to the district to confer with someone about the inappropriate picture postings, to remove them,” Jones wrote in his complaint.

He further stated the harassment increased when he returned to work.

“On Saturday June 1, 2018 I participated in the LGBTQ Pride parade with Commander Deirde Jones, when I returned to the 4th district I discovered a picture of myself hanging up on the roll call board with the words written on it saying, 'On restricted for over a year, can’t answer radio, but can walk around downtown for a parade..?'” the complaint states.

The complaint adds that some officers are making comments and drawings, saying he was off work for a stubbed toe.

A spokeswoman with the police department says they are aware of the complaint, and it is being investigated internally.

An official with the police union declined to discuss the matter.

“I don’t care if people like me or not, but they have to learn to respect others,” Jones wrote in the complaint, “Because I truly believe that if they treat other officers like this the community has their hands full.”

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