80 foot tree hits Akron house, injuring resident

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AKRON, Ohio -- An Akron man is lucky to be alive after an eighty foot tree smashed through the roof of his home. It happened early Wednesday morning on Riverside Drive near the border of Cuyahoga Falls.

“I prayed before I went to bed and sure enough it fell.”

Brian Lowery says they first noticed the cracks in the eighty foot oak tree back in the spring they didn’t think much of it until the cracks kept getting bigger and bigger and bigger. At the same time, he said the tree seemed to be leaning.

“You can see the crack,” Lowery said pointing to what was left of the base of the tree, “It just kept and you can see how it went up and just started going to her last night and then I showed her last night she was like we’re going to die tonight.”

Around 6:30 Wednesday morning, the tree that had the big crack in it finally gave way, smashing through the roof of the home right over Lowery's bedroom

“I was laying on that side and I rolled over this way and it wasn’t 10 minutes and I fell back to sleep. I heard this boom and had blood dripping down my face. I can see the boards. Yep, and that’s what came down and hit me right in the head.”

Although he had a gash in his head and large bump from where he was hit by a piece of the ceiling Lowery says he’s okay.

He said he’s just thankful that the tree did not kill him and his housemate.

At this point though the incident is in the hands of insurance and estimators to figure out how to best remove the tree and eventually repair the house. He says he wishes that something was done when the cracks first appeared.

“You can see these trees around here are not in good health, and this one is to show it something, that little water just getting in the tree and made it more moist, it’s going to go,” he said.

Lowery said his insurance should cover a lot of the damages, but right now he says he’s trying to find a place to stay along with his five cats.

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