Video: Teen sings order at McDonald’s drive-thru — and her stunning performance goes viral!

CONWAY, South Carolina — A teenager in South Carolina turned a trip to McDonald’s into a viral sensation — after singing her order at the drive-thru.

Cecily Hennigan, 16, told TODAY that it’s always been a dream of hers to sing her order at McDonald’s.

When she pulled up with her friends, the drive-thru attendant asked for her order.

“I have a pretty long order because I have a lot of people, so just bear with me,” Hennigan replied.

She then belted out her own rendition of YouTube star Todrick Hall’s “McDonald’s Drive-Thru Song.”

In her post, Hennigan said: “This has been a dream of mine to do at a McDonald’s! So glad I could accomplish it before I left for school! Ladies and gents, this is: THE MCDONALDS SONG”

It’s been viewed and shared thousands of times.

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