‘Connection!’ Video shows man throwing egg at cruiser from Kalahari balcony

ERIE COUNTY -- A 22-year-old Brunswick man arrested on a vandalism charge after Erie County Sheriff Officials say he threw an egg off a balcony at Kalahari Resorts and struck a cruiser.

The incident happened Sunday.

Jagger Owca was arrested, and police say he admitted to his actions, said he was drinking at the time and apologized.

Video released to the Fox 8 I-Team shows Owca throwing the egg and shouting "connection" when it hits the cruiser.

Police say Owca posted videos of the incident and wrote about it on social media.

In one post Owca was making fun of deputies for first going to the wrong room.

Deputies say in another video Owca can be heard saying "**** 12 bang bang." He told deputies he did not mean it as a threat.