New details, witness reactions to multi-car crash that left 17 injured

CLEVELAND -- Authorities say a car rammed into the back of another vehicle, forcing it to spin around and strike a car head on, on Saint Clair Avenue between East 186 and Melville Road Sunday afternoon.

The three-car crash sent 17 people to local hospitals,including 11 children.

Officials say some of the kids were riding unrestrained in the back of a flat bed pickup truck.

One woman was ejected onto the road during the crash.

"There was a lady laying down toward the middle of the street motionless," said Stan Miller.

Miller pulled up on the crash seconds after it happened. He wanted to help, but people coming out of a nearby church service were already trying to comfort and calm the injured.

"There was already people trying to help them out. You feel concern for the injured; there's no doubt," Miller said.

First reponders said the children were in stable condition.

The condition of some of the adults wasn't immediately released.

Some of the children were taken to Rainbow Babies and Children's Hospital and MetroHealth Medical Center. Some of the adults were also being treated at Metro.

"What was striking to me was not only seeing a person laying on the ground, I usually don't see that in the aftermath of an accident. There were people wailing and crying, emotion involved. It seemed like a traumatic incident," Miller said.

It's not yet known where the children and adults were coming from or going to, or why some of them were riding in the back of the pickup truck.

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