Report: Florida house candidate allegedly fakes degree from Miami University in Ohio

SARASOTA, Fla. — A Republican candidate for the Florida State House allegedly faked a diploma from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio.

FLA News Online reported Tuesday that Melissa Howard didn’t have a degree from Miami University, like she had previously claimed.

Howard reportedly flew to Ohio on Friday to prove the news website wrong. She allegedly posted a photo holding her framed diploma on Facebook, as well as a picture of her partial transcript from the school.

Since then, Miami University General Counsel Robin Parker confirmed that Howard’s diploma was actually a fake, according to FLA News Online.

Howard claimed she graduated from Miami University with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing. However, Parker told FLA News Online that they do not offer a B.S. in Marketing; Miami University only offers a B.S. in Business.

Parker also told FLA News Online that when Howard was a student at Miami University, she majored in retailing and, if she had graduated, would have earned a B.S. in Family and Consumer Sciences.

Parker reportedly said that there are also inconsistencies in the diploma.

FLA News Online asked the National Student Clearinghouse to verify her degree.  They reportedly sent a certificate stating “no degree — enrollment only.”

After FLA News Online’s latest report, Howard has deleted her Facebook post.

Howard is running as a Republican candidate in Florida’s 73rd House District near Sarasota. FLA News says they have asked Howard’s campaign for a response and they have not commented.