Surveillance video shows thieves stealing wheels off cars in Tremont

CLEVELAND -- People along West 7th Street in Tremont were shocked to see a Honda without tires in a driveway on the street.

According to owner Nate Brumbaugh, the wheels were stolen off his Civic early Tuesday morning.

“It was obviously shocking to see my car was sitting on two rocks that were sitting out on in front of my house, landscaping rocks,” said Brumbaugh.

His home is included what appears to be a string of thefts that occurred that same night.

Surveillance video shows thieves take the wheels off a Honda Civic on West 130th Street.

“These guys jacked the car up, took what they wanted, landed it on rocks,” said Brumbaugh.

Police are searching for the suspects.

Meantime, Brumbaugh is warning people to be aware of their vehicle at all times.