Violent video shows Akron officer-involved shooting that injured two brothers

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AKRON, Ohio-- A man accused of shooting at police was acquitted of a criminal charge of felonious assault, the FOX 8 I-Team learned on Thursday.

“I am so thankful to God, my family, my attorneys and the jury, thank you,” said Jamon Pruiett, 24, of East Cleveland.

The verdict was announced Wednesday in Summit County Common Pleas Court.

Pruiett was shot six times by an Akron police officer outside Zar Nightclub on South Main Street on Oct. 1.

“I had no idea who was shooting at me,” Redrick said.

A felonious assault charge against his brother, Latrent Redrick, who was also shot six times by an officer, was dismissed. Redrick pleaded no contest earlier this month to a misdemeanor charge of inducing panic.

An official with the Summit County Prosecutor’s office said they cannot discuss the case at this time because they are still reviewing the police officers' use of force during the incident.

Attorneys Terry Gilbert and Sarah Gelsomino, who represented Redrick, said the  officer fired 12 shots in about 3 seconds.

According to police , it was 2:20 a.m. on Oct. 1 when officers, who were assigned to the downtown Akron bars, saw a large fight outside the nightclub. Some of the people from that scene ran across the street, where another fight began.

Police said at the time, they saw Redrick pointing a firearm at people and fired at him. According to police, Pruiett ran over, grabbed Redrick’s gun and fired at officers, who fired back. Police did recover the handgun.

But attorneys for Redrick and Pruiett said video of the shooting shows a different story.

Redrick  who has a license to carry a weapon, said he and his brother were not at the nightclub, instead they were leaving a birthday party.

“There was a huge crowd and people were yelling at us so I had my gun out and said I was a licensed permit holder. I was trying to protect me and my brother and I never saw the officer,” Redrick said. He was shot several times, including once in the back.

Pruiett said after he saw his brother had been shot, he grabbed the gun and fired one shot, hoping to stop the shooting. The officer then fired a final shot.

“I was scared for my life and had no idea who was shooting at us,” Pruiett said. His one attorney, Amir Gholizadeh, said his client had several injuries and he's just so relieved he's able to walk again.

Body cam video worn by the officer was not turned on until after the shooting. But security video from a nearby business did capture the shooting.

“The video shows what happened,” said Sydney Saffold, who represented Pruiett along with Jeffrey Saffold.

After the shooting, the body camera video shows the officer pointing a gun and ordering Redrick not to move. Redrick can be heard asking the officer for help. The officer can be heard swearing at him.

“I was hurt. I didn’t know what happened,” Redrick said.

The men were taken to area hospitals in serious condition. Redrick was hospitalized for a month. Pruiett was in the hospital for a couple of days and then taken to jail. He was released on bond a few days later.

“We disagree with the verdict in this case and believe the evidence, which shows the defendant picking up and firing a handgun in the direction of an officer, supports a conviction," said Akron Police Chief Kenneth Ball II, in a statement.

Redrick, Pruiett, their families and attorneys said they want an independent review of the shooting by an outside agency.

The case was investigated by Akron police and given to prosecutors to review.

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