Video shows group effort to save 7-year-old drowning in Lyndhurst pool

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LYNDHURST, Ohio-- Video shows how citizens, police and an emergency medical squad teamed up to save the life of a 7-year-old child, who was found drowning in a local pool.

The child spent about 5 minutes under water and he was brought back from the brink of death.

It happened last month at the pool in the Georgetown complex of condominiums in Lyndhurst.

The 7-year-old got into trouble in the deep end of the pool. Security video shows he went under the water and didn’t come back up. His brother and another witness tried to get to him, but couldn’t. Precious minutes ticked past. People nearby can be heard yelling for help and they scrambled over.

Matt Pastor told us how he, his father and another stranger ran to the pool, and found the little boy lifeless at the bottom.

"We heard screams for help coming from the pool," Pastor said. "Threw my shoes off, dove into the pool, swam over."

The citizen rescuers got the child out of the water and there another angel was waiting. Abigail Ertel, a nurse, saw what was happening and she started CPR.

A witness called 911. Lyndhurst Police Officer Kevin Crown can be seen on the video running to the pool. He took over CPR and in moments, the boy’s mother showed up at his side.

The officer and the mother can be heard encouraging the child to keep fighting. But just before the ambulance took him to the hospital, the boy showed some signs of life.

His mother told the FOX 8 I-Team as he was wheeled into the hospital ER, he started crying and became alert.

Police investigated and found the child’s father had been nearby when the boy went under. Dad had also jumped in, but he, too, struggled in the deep water. Records show mom also had been there minutes earlier.
The boy survived. Doctors said he will have no long-term effects from what happened.

The parents told FOX 8 they will be forever grateful to police, emergency crews and those citizen heroes. The family is also planning to host a celebration to bring together everyone involved in the rescue. Lyndhurst police also plan to recommend those involved for an award.

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