Introducing Bodhi, Omid and Zara: Snow Leopard cubs officially named at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

CLEVELAND- The snow leopard cubs at Cleveland's Metroparks Zoo have officially been named.

The babies were born back in April and recently moved into a cub-friendly location in the Asian Highlands section of the zoo.

The cubs' names were selected as part of a naming contest that helped raise $4,400 to support conservation efforts to protect snow leopards in Central Asia.

Bodhi, meaning enlightenment, Omid, meaning hope, and Zara, meaning flower, were selected as the top three names. They beat out, Goji, meaning goji berry, and Nisha, meaning night.

If you want to see the cubs and their mom, Sombra, the Metroparks Zoo says the best time to do so is in the morning.

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