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7-year-old Tessa Puma dances her way through life with new prosthetic leg

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AKRON, Ohio -- Tessa Puma, the girl who fought for her life last year after contracting a rare form of strep, lost part of her leg, however that hasn't slowed her down one bit.  In fact, she's even picked up the pace a bit.

Tessa Puma just sort of sparkles, and not just from the glitter she wears on her skin -- it's the happiness and joy that only a 7-year-old can bring to the world.

"It's not easy keeping up with her that's for sure" Tessa's dad Matt tells fox 8 news.

Whether she's bouncing around on trampolines or in the hallways of the Hanger Prosthetic Clinic in Akron, Tessa is a dynamo who hasn't let losing a part of her leg stop her from being active and even a champion.

"That's where she won national dance champion where she got her first-place trophy even this one over here this is judges choice this is where a judged picked her overall," Matt Puma said while showing off Tessa's trophies

Tessa and her teammates won first place at the Star System's Dance Championships in Nashville, along with placing at the top of two other competitions this summer.

Tessa's also swimming, hover boarding, and playing softball; she's got just a lot of stuff going on.

"I just like summer and I don't want to go back to school,"  Tessa said, "Yeah, too much fun, too much fun."

She really hasn't sat still since recovering from that severe infection that took her leg last year.

Tessa learned to walk and then learned to dance again when she got her prosthetic leg. Now, she's getting a newer leg -- this leg gives her even more range of motion and it will grow as she does.

"This one has a hydraulic cylinder in it. And, you can adjust the swing out phase, and adjust the pressure from the swing out and back so when she walks -- so, the foot is even carbon fiber -- so, when she's jumping and dancing and moving it has flexibility to it," Matt Puma explained.

The company who makes Tessa's prosthetic says they're built to last, and she really puts them to the test.

"She does beat these components up and they are durable enough. And, thankfully she doesn’t break things too frequently with the flips that she does, but all and all, it's been a very rewarding experience with Tessa,” said Hangar Clinic Director Adam Engstrom.

Legs are made to stand on, and of course dance with, and when you get a second chance at life like Tessa has, it's all about being a 7-year-old on a summer day.

"It's a lot of hard work keeping up with this little one.... Yeah..." Matt said.

Tessa now has her own dance studio in the family's living room so she can now get extra practice for her routines.

She also has more dance competitions scheduled for this fall.

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