Video shows drunk driver crash in Newburgh Heights

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NEWBURGH HEIGHTS, OHIO - Disaster was narrowly avoided when a drunk driver slammed into an unsuspecting driver in Newburgh Heights Saturday. The crash caught on video, is now promoting a new warning from police about driver safety behind the wheel.

"It does speak to the dangers of excessive speed, drinking and driving, running a red light because those three things happened here," said Chief John Majoy of Newburgh Heights Police.

"I mean, it's just a fact of life, they're in a big hurry to get from one intersection to the stop light," said Dominic Strizzi a resident of Newburgh Heights.

Strizzi says he is used to seeing drivers speed past his house East 42nd Street near Harvard but it's what happened just past midnight last week that forced him out of bed.

"I hear a big loud bang, like two cans being crushed together and a squeal like breaks skidding across the ground," said Strizzi.

The video captured by a speed enforcement camera shows an unidentified driver slam into a van as it's turning left on Harvard. The force of the impact so strong, it spun the van around, until it came to a stop on the road. Police say the driver was drunk and speeding, driving 66 mph in a 25 mph zone.

"This is really an anomaly, it's not common for this roadway," said Strizzi has taught OVI enforcement for 21 years.

Police say Ohio State Highway Patrol is handling the investigation. OSHP data shows Cuyahoga County is second in the state in OVI arrests, with nearly 800 people found to be drunk behind the wheel so far this year.

"Just be aware of what's going on around you while you're driving because you never know and that's the defensive driving part of it," said the police chief. "You really can't limit it to a certain time of the year or time of day because it's pretty much anytime, anywhere."

Further details about the crash were not immediately released by OSHP.

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