Show Info: August 8, 2018

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David’s Gazpacho
David’s fresh recipe perfect for summer!

Plum City Designs
It’s a great way to get your Cleveland pride on! Marnie Fletcher from Plum City Designs.

Skidmark Garage
There’s a unique place in the city where you can go to work on your motorcycle…and it doesn’t matter how much or how little you know!

5401 Hamilton Ave., Cleveland 44114

Hottest Diet Trends
Have you heard of the Keto craze? It’s just one of the diet trends Sarah Cawley from The Cleveland Clinic talks about.

All week long we are exploring the new shopping destination, Pinecrest. Today’s stop is at the boutique Vernacular. 

400 Park Ave., Ste 176, Orange Village 44122

Furball Fanatic
Did you know today is National Cat Day? We’re celebrating with Ashley Fehribach owner of Furball Fanatic.

Check Please Cafe
It’s a new hot spot in Grafton where you can build your own breakfast. And the burgers are getting some attention, too!

597 Main Street, Grafton 44044

Cuyahoga County Fair
The 122nd Cuyahoga County Fair is officially underway! Fair Ambassador, Candyce Traci shares all the details to look forward to! 

Wild Fox & Flower
Nothing says summer like flowers! Wild Fox and Flower delivers the freshest flowers, herbs and evergreens.

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