Surveillance video shows shots fired at Cleveland RTA bus

CLEVELAND-- Newly-released surveillance video shows the exact moment when shots were fired at an RTA bus in Cleveland.

The bus was traveling on Lorain Avenue near West 44th Street with four passengers on board.

Seconds after the driver takes a sip from a water bottle, six shots were fired directly at the bus.

The driver thought he was hit, while the passengers behind him tried to take cover.

Cleveland police said the bus was stopped at a light when someone fired from a car that was stopped at the same location. That mystery vehicle can also be seen in the video, slowly pulling up along the left side of the bus then taking off.

Just one day after the frightening scene, FOX 8 spoke to a witness who often rides the bus.

"Very loud, quick in succession. You knew it was a gun," Kevin Hogan said.

The window of a nearby community center was riddled with bullet holes.

No one in the area or on the bus was injured. The driver was not shot, but was taken to the hospital, possibly cut by shattered glass.

One person turned themselves into the Second District police station the day after. The shooter, who still has not been identified, arrested a short time later.

The motive not known.