Video shows street brawl after parade in Cleveland

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CLEVELAND-- Shocking video shows a large street brawl in Cleveland that happened right after a popular parade.

About a dozen people were fighting along West 33rd Street in Cleveland Sunday afternoon. The video, posted to social media, shows several different fights taking place at the same time.

“It was just a lot of girls fighting. I would say it was after noon or so,” said Angie, witness.

Witnesses said the brawl happened shortly after the Puerto Rican Day parade.

“We live two houses down, we saw it all,” said Carmen Purzicki, witness.

Neighbors said they believe many people in the mob came from a celebration at a club nearby.

“The parade went just fine, the police were very present. I think it was an incident where the sun was too hot,” Purzicki said.

Minutes into the video, you can see police officers arrive and the crowd immediately disperse.

“I feel bad for the people who were getting beat up. They didn’t deserve that no matter what,” said Angie.

No major injuries were reported.

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