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Lance Bass on attempt to buy ‘Brady Bunch’ house: ‘I feel used’

STUDIO CITY, California — Former ‘NSYNC member Lance Bass had to say “bye bye bye” to his dream of owning the “Brady Bunch” house.

“Super excited to announce they accepted my offer on the #BradyBunch house last night!!!” Bass tweeted on Friday. “This is going to be a fun project!”

He even got a congratulations tweet from Maureen McCormick, who played “Marcia” on the 70s sitcom.

“Congratulations!” she wrote. “May all of your problems from here on out always be solved in a half hour!”

Bass promised that she would be the first dinner guest. “I’m honored you approve,” he wrote.

But the celebration didn’t last long.

On Sunday, Bass posted a lengthy explanation on Instagram saying that he was told he placed the winning bid on the “iconic Brady Bunch house” only to be told there was a “Corporate Buyer (Hollywood studio) who wants the house at any cost.”

Bass said his “winning bid” was way over the $1.885 million asking price.

“We were prepared to go even higher but totally discouraged by the sellers agent, they will outperform any bid with unlimited resources,” Bass wrote. “How is this fair or legal?”

“I truly believe I was used to drive up the price of the home knowing very well that this corporation intended on making their offer and it’s not a good feeling,” Bass continued.

“I feel used but most importantly I’m hurt and saddened by this highly questionable outcome. I just hope it is not demolished. Thanks for all the love and support.”

Bass ended the post by urging his followers to register and vote in November.

Bass said he planned to use the home’s interior to recreate “The Brady Bunch” set. The house was only used for exterior shots during the show’s run from 1969 to 1974. The layout is nothing like what viewers saw on TV.

According to the listing, “This iconic residence is reportedly the 2nd most photographed home in the United States after the White House.”

The realtor who listed the property, told The L.A. Times that the seller had not made a final decision on the home.

The agent said they received eight offers and two bids were accepted. The sale is expected to close in about 10 days, The L.A. Times reported.