New details, charge filed after police discovered dog’s body in fire pit

CANTON – A Canton City prosecutor says his concern for the community’s safety is what led his office to seek a high bond for a man accused of beating, choking, and skinning a dog.

“This is very unusual to see this type of thing happen,” said Jason Reese, Canton City Prosecutor. “ We have an individual beating, killing, hanging, skinning and gutting a companion animal.”

Scott Winter, 46, is facing a felony charge of prohibitions concerning companion animals, otherwise known as Goddard’s Law. Goddard’s Law, is Ohio's law protecting pets and named for longtime FOX 8 meteorologist Dick Goddard.

Winter was arrested Wednesday. He appeared in Canton Municipal Court Friday. His bond was set at $250,000.

“There have been allegations that not only did he butcher the animal but he fed the animal to family members,” Reese said. “Obviously we are very concerned with this individual’s mental status.”

The house where he lived in Canton caught on fire July 9.

He also lived at a home on Palmyra Road in Warren.

Warren police are also investigating Winter after they found what they believe to be the remains of a burned dog in the outside fire pit of his home there.

His girlfriend Vicky Young was arrested Wednesday on a falsification charge after police say she gave them conflicting stories on what happened to her dog. On Friday, police also charged Young with a misdemeanor cruelty to animal charge in connection with the dog found in the fire pit.

Young told police that dog, named Beethoven, was hit by a car. According to police , Young told them the dog was badly injured but still breathing. The dog eventually died and Young claims that is when Winter burned the dog, police said.

Warren City Law Director Greg Hicks says police are still investigating the case and additional charges are possible.

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