‘Gilligan’s Island’ puppies rescued from remote island

CANADA — Some adorable pups have now become known as the “Gilligan’s Island” crew after they were discovered on a remote island.

According to CBS News, two fishermen in Cross Lake in Manitoba, Canada, spotted the pups earlier this week.

The seven puppies were crying and in need of food. No one is quite sure how they got there.

So, the two men got the animals food and reached out to the Norway House Animal Rescue.

According to a post on the animal rescue group’s Facebook page, the men went back and forth several times to make sure the animals were fed and even brought them a doghouse to stay safe in until they were rescued.

The puppies will be taken to Winnipeg where they eventually will be put up for adoption. Norway House Animal Rescue says it will update everyone on adoption details on its Facebook page.

In the meantime, people are also asking how they can help the animals. The rescue group says donations can be made by e-Transfer to norwayhouseanimalrescue@gmail.com.

**All of the photos in this story are courtesy of JR Cook and Norway House Animal Rescue**