Couple shot on Cleveland’s east side after confronting alleged bike thieves

CLEVELAND -- Cleveland police say a couple was shot on Cleveland’s east side after confronting two males who they believe stole their children’s bikes.

Witnesses say the shooting happened around 10:30 Thursday night along a busy portion of East 200th Street.

“I was just reading, checking my phone like I normally do and all of a sudden all these shots rang out. I thought it was between five, six shots, something like that,” said Eric Taylor, who lives in an apartment on East 200th Street.

Police say the couple was driving down the street when they apparently spotted what they believed to be bikes that were stolen from their children earlier in the week at Neff Park.

“Both of them shot, the female and the male. The male five times. You shoot someone five times over a bike, you are trying to kill them. What kind of insanity is that?" said Councilman Mike Polensek, who represents Ward 8.

Police say the suspects sped off on the stolen bikes.

As for the couple, they were flown to MetroHealth Medical Center where the man is reportedly in critical condition.

“They’ve done this before. They’ve shot or been involved in other violent crimes in both communities. We have to identify them and bring them to justice. They need to be behind bars, in a cage. Because only wild animals would commit this kind of stuff,” said Polensek.

Polensek says he sent out a community alert to residents in his ward. He’s also reached out to Euclid police to see if they will assist in the investigation.