Some local parents questioning Urban Meyer book summer reading assignment

PAINESVILLE TOWNSHIP, Ohio -- As a parent of a 10th grader and two 8th graders in the Riverside Local School District, Eric Ruedrich can’t help but be a little concerned over their summer reading assignment.

“At first I was excited. Urban Meyer is a great coach. Then the other shoe dropped this morning and it did make me question whether or not I wanted them to read the book,” said Ruedrich.

Parents say the district assigned Urban Meyer’s book, "Above The Line," to every student entering grades 8 through 12.

“When they were originally assigned it, I loved it. I even read it myself,” said Kara Reutter, parent.

Meyer is in the hot seat as Ohio State investigates whether he was aware of domestic violence allegations involving a former assistant coach.

“It’s a good springboard to talk about, because that’s the buzz and especially with my kids playing football,” said Reutter.

“Obviously, this assignment was made prior to any known allegations surrounding the Ohio State Football program. Staff and students are studying the concepts of being disciplined, giving relentless effort, the power of teamwork, leadership tactics and more. The District is studying the process and concept of organizational success - not an individual," the district said in a statement Thursday.

Meantime, Ruedrich is left to have a very serious conversation about domestic violence with his kids.

“It certainly wasn’t something I planned on having a talk with her about until it showed up, but we will be having it sooner than later now,” said Ruedrich.

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