Valet company decides to reimburse Lakewood couple after leaving car door unlocked

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LAKEWOOD, Ohio – “I couldn’t believe all my stuff was gone out of my car. I left it to a valet service that should have secured my vehicle and it wasn’t secured,” said Josh Jones of Lakewood.

The valet service was meant to be a courteous amenity at the Jones family’s condo building in Lakewood while their parking lot was under construction. But the service turned into a major headache.

“I was sick to my stomach; I mean, there was so much makeup and makeup today is so expensive,” said Chelsey Jones, Josh’s wife.

Josh and Chelsey say the valet service, MVP Parking, left their car unlocked and a woman got inside and got away with more than a thousand dollars of their property. A picture from surveillance video shows a woman leaving the area where the cars were parked with Chelsey’s makeup case and Josh’s backpack.

“75% of my makeup was in there and I’m a makeup artist so that's a huge part of my career,” Chelsey explained.

But when the Joneses filed a claim with the company, it was denied. The Joneses say there was no sign of a physical break in on the car and the locking system was working fine. The claims department told them the car was vandalized and that they are not responsible.

An email from the claims department send on July 24 reads in part, “After evaluation of the facts, we can only conclude your vehicle was vandalized. Our company is not
responsible, nor does it cover theft or vandalism…” the email reads.

“They said it was vandalism. The way I see vandalism, it’s damage to my vehicle. There was not any damage, the vehicle was left unlocked,” said Josh.

Fox 8 reached out to Towne Park, which owns the valet company. While we were there shooting the story, Chelsey got a call from the claims department telling them there was confusion and they now plan to work on their claim.

“I don’t understand why now you’re backpedaling,” said Chelsey to the claims representative on the phone.

Towne Park released a statement to Fox 8 that says:

“We understand this has been a frustrating and unfortunate situation for Ms. Jones. We have connected with her, have rectified the issue and are reimbursing her for any items that were stolen from the vehicle.”

Lakewood police are investigating the theft. They have identified the woman in the surveillance picture and there is a warrant out for her arrest.

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