VIDEO: Gun flashed at deputy in traffic stop leads to manhunt

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The FOX 8 I-Team has obtained exclusive video showing how a traffic stop nearly turned deadly, and what happened next has turned into a dangerous mystery on your streets.

The video shows what happened during a recent traffic stop by the Cuyahoga County Sheriff’s Department.

You can see as soon as a deputy got within a few steps of the vehicle, he suddenly turned back, and the driver sped off. As the deputy and his partner jumped back in their cruiser, they called in and described how a passenger in that vehicle had flashed a gun.

As a siren blared, a deputy said, “There's a gun in the car…Pulled a gun.”

That led to a chase of the driver deputies had just stopped. Ultimately, deputies stopped chasing. One said to dispatch, "Be advised, we're terminating the chase. The guy's going 100. It's a male with a gun. Terminating chase."

The incident happened a few weeks ago, and the video has just been released to the I-Team.

Now, a manhunt.

Investigators say they’ve identified the driver, Timothy Turnage. He’s been indicted. But he can’t be found. And investigators have not yet identified the man flashing the gun.

We went to the home of Turnage, and a person there told us Turnage had not been there for months.

So Crime Stoppers is hoping you can help. If you have a tip leading to an arrest, Crime Stoppers is offering a reward up to $2500. Call 216-252-7463 (216-25-crime).

In the end, the video shows one deputy pulling up to another saying, "Dude pulled a pistol on me. I seen him pulling it out, and he took off."

So a traffic stop turned into a chase, and now, a search. That search could save someone from getting shot.

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