Dying mother’s advice: ‘Just enjoy… time doesn’t go on forever’

SAGINAW, Michigan — A mother of three is battling cancer until the very end and she needs help.

She has been battling cancer for years and now she is worried not only about the emotional impact her death may have on her family, but the financial burden as well, WNEM reported.

Sarah McCurdy is in hospice care after a long battle with ovarian cancer. She is afraid to go and leave the burden of end of life costs behind for her family.

“If I could go back, the one thing I would do is use my time better. Make better use of it. Just enjoy more of it because time doesn’t go on forever,” McCurdy said.

It is a hard lesson McCurdy has learned firsthand. At just 36-years-old she thought she would have a lot more time.

“It’s hard. Every day is hard,” she said.

After a six-year battle with ovarian cancer she is in hospice care and she spends her days in a hospital bed placed in the middle of her living room.

McCurdy knows she doesn’t have much time left.

“It’s gotten too far for me to keep fighting it anymore,” McCurdy said. “My biggest fear is leaving.”

She has three beautiful children ages 9, 10 and 19.

“I don’t wanna leave my kids behind,” McCurdy said.

She knows her mother and fiancé will take care of them, but she is still trying to make peace with all the little moments she will miss – like graduations and weddings.

There is something else weighing heavy on McCurdy’s heart as she enters the final stages of her life.

She is worried about paying for her own funeral.

McCurdy lost her job as a nurse when she got sick. She has no life insurance and end of life costs are a burden she doesn’t want to leave behind for her family.

She is hoping someone can help.

“I just hope that people have a kind heart and consider helping my family out that way. They’ve already got a lot to deal with. I don’t want them to have to worry about money,” McCurdy said.

McCurdy’s friend set up a GoFundMe page and they are hoping to raise enough money to take care of those end of life costs. It is something McCurdy said would take a huge weight off her shoulders.