Looking back: 50 years since Glenville Shootout

CLEVELAND--  It's been 50 years since violence erupted between Cleveland police and militants in the city's Glenville neighborhood.

On July 23, 1968, shots rang out in what would later be called the Glenville Shootout. In about an hour, three police officers, three militants and one civilian were killed.

The destruction-- beatings, looting and arson-- continued over the next few days. A total of 63 businesses, mostly on Superior Avenue, were damaged. The estimated loss was about $2.6 million and the effects were much more widespread the Hough Riots, which happened just two years prior.

Fred Ahmed Evans, the owner of the Afro Culture Shop and an Army veteran who served in the Korean War, was convicted of murder in the shootout. He was sentenced to death, but a U.S. Supreme Court ruling changed his sentence to life in prison. He died back in 1978.