Move Over law: Ohio State Highway Patrol highlights one of many reasons why it’s so important

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- The Ohio State Highway Patrol and state police in five other states are focusing on enforcement of the Move Over law.

The law requires drivers approaching any vehicles with flashing or rotating lights that are parked on the roadside to move over to an adjacent lane. Motorists should slow down and proceed with caution if moving over isn't possible due to traffic or weather conditions or lack of a second lane.

The highway patrol over the weekend shared one of many reasons why the law is so important.

The patrol tweeted a photo showing troopers holding babies and said, "Last year, the Ohio State Highway Patrol Circleville Post celebrated TEN Patrol brats, NINE born within one year!! They need their parents to come home at the end of each shift."

From 2013-2017, Ohio patrol cruisers were involved in 58 crashes that appear to be related to the Move Over law. The crashes resulted in the deaths of two civilians and injured 34 civilians and 24 officers.

The safety effort which began Sunday will end at 11:59 a.m. July 28. It includes state police in Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.