It’s a puppy party! Hundreds of golden retrievers gather to celebrate breed 150th anniversary

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TOMICH, Scotland — More than 360 golden retrievers gathered at the Guisachan Estate in Tomich, Scotland Thursday to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the breed.

Take a look at this video provided to us by Athena (via Instagram @puppy.diaries).

The Golden Retriever Club of Scotland hosted a 5 day "Guisachen Gathering," celebrating the founding of the Golden Retriever breed at Guisachan House by Lord Tweedmouth in 1868.

The Today Show reports that the the dogs and their owners come to Tomich from all over the world.

Doreen McGugan, chair of the Golden Retriever Club of Scotland said "It’s such a popular breed. And it was the 150th anniversary, which is very special."

And while the Guisachan gathering was golden retriever focused and did host a breed championship show, other dog breeds also attended the event.

"It was a lot of pet owners who came just to join the fun,"McGugan said, "People didn’t realize that it all went back to this and that there is a place to go to commemorate (their golden retrievers)."

Daily Mail reports that the number of dogs in attendance at Thursday's event has beaten their record.  In 2006 only 188 golden retrievers were at the gathering, 222 in 2016, and now they had 361.

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